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Q: What do you (the designer) need to know about my business to get the creative process started?
A: First, a few basics, to begin a project I will want a brief summary from you, to get to know a few things about your business and design needs:
  • What services do you provide?
  • What audience are you targeting?
  • Any ideas you may have such as colors and fonts to use? 
  • What look and feel you are trying to achieve?
  • What is the main objective of this project?  
  • What type of logo/design will best suit your company? abstract, modern, antique, clean and simple, professional, classic, digital/tech or grunge style?
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Q: Will I own the rights to the artwork/designs that I purchase from you?
A: Yes, upon approval of the project, and payment, all of the designs, logos and artwork that I create for you will 100% belong to you.
Q: What if I need a project done really fast....can you do it?
A: The quick answer to this...is YES. More often than not, I can get a project done for you within 24 hours if my schedule permits...and within reason of course!  (a rush fee may be involved)
Q: What file types can you provide me?
A: I work almost exclusively in Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.  You will receive your source file(s) upon completion, and many others are available: .jpg   .pdf   .png   .eps   .gif
Basically, whatever you might need! (or a print shop might need!)